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Could there be a new and possibly better way to live? Can we apply the wisdom of the ancients to our current world? Can we change our life to embrace the simplest of things? Is it man's destiny to rule the world? Or is there a higher destiny possible for him-- one more wonderful than he has ever imagined?


Wave-Dancers was created to chart a new life course and offer out a tribal alternative to the current culture of totalitarian agriculture.


We will daily be focused on food, shelter, clothing, and surf. As a nomadic tribe of surfers, we shall embrace the Aquatic world and its inhabitants, and support one another in our daily lives. Living on sailboats will be our connection with the ocean, becoming expert watermen of the wind, waves, and tides.

Each sailboat will operate under the independent command of the Captain and come together in Council to support our Mission. We will continually strive to have a positive impact on the environment and become stewards of the ocean and lands that sustain us. We will only take what we need daily and do not waste any of our natural resources.

We wish to live in peace and once again embrace all of nature that exists in and around us.                       In Walt We Trust.




The Soul of the Wave-Dancer​

"As I listened to its soothing litany I remembered what acid guru and Harvard Professor of Psychology Timothy Leary said about surfers. According to Leary the destiny of mankind as a species was to evolve toward an entirely aesthetic realm, a realm dedicated to the dance. Leary saw surfers as the living, breathing embodiment of a sector of human society dedicated purely to the dance, and as such that they were the throw-ahead’s of human evolution. The dance was, in the very earliest days of human history, no less than the creation of the Now. The moment of the dance was the instant that truthful, unmediated being came into existence. The dance was beautifully symbolic therefore, of the transcendence of the animal necessities of food, shelter and protection that humans have been perennially burdened by. The image of the surfer riding close to the curl, at the point where the energy of the wave is exploding, resonated with Leary as symbolic of the complete, joyful immersion in the present. Whilst riding a wave, he said, the past is exploding into nothingness behind you, and the future is unwinding and unfurling in front of you, begging to be created. For Leary, being dedicated to the search for these fleeting moments rather than acquiring the trappings of ‘success,’ the surfer achieved merely moments in the ever-present, but in so doing tapped into a part of the human soul accessed rarely by the mass of men. Through a kind of evolutionary wrong-footedness, rather than placing that life-affirming dance at the center of his existence, early man put the will toward accumulation in its place, and built entire cultures dedicated to the kind of material wealth that created the world around us."    –   Michael Fordham





Mission Statement

We Choose to Evolve as Humans - Rejoin Nature

Homo Illustratum (man enlightened)


Core Values and Noble Virtues














Freedom - For All

Take Only What You Need -

Value It for as long as you can

Living in the Present

Remove unneeded Possessions


Fully Appreciate the Moments of Today

Love the Life You Have Created

Dream About the Future, But Work Hard Today

Sunset Past Accomplishments

Stop Worrying

Causes that we support financially

Surfrider Foundation -

Oceana -

Ocean Conservancy -

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society -

Heifer International  -

"I'm No Ordinary Idiot ! " - RoseMarie Dybvik Paine


     Nomadic Surfers - Ocean Environment Guardians - Simpler Life

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"To desire nothing beyond what you have is surely happiness" - Carleton Mitchell

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